To inspire a healthier, wealthier planet by rewarding all forms of movement.

Movement can improve your quality of life. It can improve physical health, and mental health. It can make workers more productive, citizens more collaborative, and us, as humans, happier.

Sweat Economy rewards movement to inspire a healthier, wealthier planet. For everyone.

How does it work?

If movement can improve lives, it has an economic value.

Employers pay for workers’ gym memberships. Health insurers offer discounts for physical activity. Governments encourage cycle to work schemes; and promote sport to foster community growth. To learn more about the value of physical activity, read our research article.

SWEAT is the currency of the open economy of movement, where the token can be bought, sold, and exchanged.

New to crypto?

SWEAT is for everyone who moves. Whether you are new to crypto, or are an enthusiast, you can download the app, and create your SWEAT Wallet in minutes.

You have nothing to lose. Your steps – verified by the Sweatcoin app – are all that is required to generate a new currency for you.


A new generation currency to unlock the value of movement.

SWEAT serves two functions in Sweat Economy:



An open invitation to walk. Run by the community.

Holders of SWEAT will govern Sweat Economy. In practice, ownership, rewards, privileges, and voting reside with SWEAT holders.

We created SWEAT because we know the value of movement must be communally realized by transferring power and privilege to holders, and those who move.



Staking is essential to maintaining a safe and healthy network. Users can earn a % of SWEAT relative to the amount of SWEAT they stake.



For more, visit our Litepaper

Currently, only steps mint SWEAT. In time, other activities will mint SWEAT.

SWEAT can be minted forever to sustain a global incentive

SWEAT will have an ever decreasing rate of inflation.

Like Bitcoin, SWEAT will become harder to create as time goes on: the earlier you walk, the more SWEAT you receive.


SWEAT is built on NEAR – a low cost, high speed, and eco-friendly blockchain. Only verified movement mints SWEAT.

Currently, the Sweatcoin app verifies steps as a Movement Validator.

In time, the Foundation will decentralize the movement verification process to enable other apps and wearables to verify new forms of movement, paving the way for users to earn SWEAT for swimming, cycling, hiking, gym work and more.


SWEAT founders

Oleg Fomenko

Oleg Fomenko

Oleg is co-founder and CPO of Sweatcoin. He has had a wealth of strategic roles, and a focus on behavioral change at Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Visa, BT, and BCG.

From Sweatcoin's inception in 2015, Oleg envisioned crypto as the means of unlocking the real value of movement.

Anton Derlyatka

Anton Derlyatka

Anton is CEO and co-founder of Sweatcoin. Previously, he was founding CEO of a VC focused on HR and Fitness-tech, while managing senior roles at A.T Kearney, Reebok and Pepsi-Cola.

He holds graduate degrees from Stanford and Hass Business School (UC Berkeley), and an MBA from London Business School.

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