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2022 no. 1

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Movement Economy Roadmap

  • Sweat Wallet Launch
  • Growth Jars Launch
  • Governance Vote Launch
  • Buy and Burn
  • $SWEAT Built on NEAR; Compatible with ERC-20 and NEP-141
  • Learn & Earn Launch
  • Developed Permissionless Token
  • Raised $13M in Funding
  • Sweat Hero NFT Game Launch
  • Fiat On-Ramp with MoonPay
  • New Rewards for Growth Jars
  • Learn & Earn Updates
  • NEAR Portfolio Launch
  • Trade Feature with Orderly Launch
  • Minting Pause Launch
  • Became Deflationary
  • Hit 1M Monthly On-Chain Active Users


$SWEATย Utility

  • $SWEAT as Gas (NEAR)
  • SweatPay Beta
  • Value of โ€œActive Dayโ€ Research Phase 1
  • Rewards V2
  • Sweat Al Alpha

User Growth

  • Best-in-Web3 Onboarding
  • Multi-Language Wallet
  • Major App Facelift

Revenue Drivers

  • Trade V2
  • Upgraded Portfolio
  • Sweat GameFi Experience


$SWEATย Utility

  • $SWEAT as Gas (Multi-Chain)
  • SweatPay Launch
  • Value of โ€œActive Dayโ€ Research Phase 2
  • Rewards V2
  • Sweat Hero V2 & Dynamic NFTs
  • Decentralization & DAO Constitution Advancements
  • Sweat AI Launch

User Growth

  • Multi-Chain Architecture
  • Referral Program
  • Major App Facelift

Revenue Drivers

  • Multi-Chain Trade
  • Multi-Chain Quests
  • Wellness & Health Partnerships
2025 and beyond
  • Establish $SWEAT as the primary currency in The Movement Economy
  • Decentralised Data Marketplace
  • Alternate Movement Validators
  • Movement GameFi
  • Movement Economy ecosystem creation
  • Attracting large scale Partners into The Movement Economy
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14 Million wallets created

12 Million users whitelisted


Growth Jars

When you grow your $SWEAT by locking it in Growth Jars, you can earn more on your $SWEAT, access better rewards, enjoy an optimized app experience, and lower your transaction fees.


Unlock access to life-changing rewards like Teslas, trips around the world, and more whenever you place your $SWEAT in Growth Jars.

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Sweat Hero

A dynamic, free NFT game where players go head-to-head to win $SWEAT.

Learn & Earn

Learn about the world of Web3, and earn $SWEAT and other tokens for successfully completing short lessons and Quests.

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Available NOW via MoonPay

Fiat on-ramp

Use your credit or debit card to buy $SWEAT and other tokens right in your Sweat Wallet.* Building your portfolio has never been easier.

*Not available everywhere. Check here for limitations.


When you send and receive $SWEAT and other tokens, you can build your crypto portfolio right in your Sweat Wallet.

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