The token

$SWEAT is your physical activity tokenized. It is a real crypto asset that you mint with your movement. It can be used for a chance to win amazing rewards, applied to NFTs, and used to get improved features in the Sweat Wallet app.


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How we earn

User engagement

Business partners pay to access
our network of users.

Transaction fees

We take a small fee when you interact with certain features provided by us, like claiming from Growth Jars, and certain third-party services in the Sweat Wallet, like fiat on-ramp, off-ramp, crypto trading, and more.

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How revenue supports the community


Sweat Foundation uses the revenue to fund rewards people really want–like stablecoins, Teslas, and trips around the world.

Ecosystem development

Revenue is used to support product development, community growth, and partnerships.

Sustainable tokenomics

The community decides the tokenomics via governance proposals and votes, taking actions such as burning tokens, distributing tokens at TGE events, or allocating token rewards for Growth Jars.

Building demand

In accordance with the community's decision, the Sweat Foundation will allocate a portion of revenue to buy
and burn $SWEAT on the secondary market, or to buy $SWEAT and distribute it as Growth Jar yields. More details to be released soon.

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Grow more $SWEAT and unlock rewards by placing your $SWEAT in Growth Jars. The more you put into your Growth Jars, the better rewards you have access to.


  • Rewards like a Tesla Model 3, once-in-a-lifetime trips around the world, Chief Walking Officer position, stablecoins like $USDT and $USDC, and more.
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NFTs & Games

Claim your free Legs NFT and battle against other players to earn $SWEAT in Sweat Hero. The winner of each head-to-head battle claims Battle Coins that can be exchanged for $SWEAT, and The Sweat Foundation takes and burns the battle fees so the game is net-deflationary.

Platform token image

Platform token

Growing $SWEAT unlocks premium features like lower transaction fees and better rewards.

Supply of $SWEAT

$SWEAT is minted solely by movement. The community has voted to introduce several mechanisms to decrease the rate of inflation of the token and to constrict the circulating supply.

supply of sweat

The big vote

In July 2023, the Sweat Economy community conducted the biggest governance vote ever in the world of Web3 world with more than 380,000 token holders casting their vote.

They have voted to support the launch in the U.S. with ~690M $SWEAT and to enact a gradual burn of 1.6B $SWEAT.

Minting difficulty

Each $SWEAT will be more difficult to mint than the last. This preserves token utility, and controls the rate of token release.

After TGE

SWEAT now. Earn more.

At launch

1000 steps ≈

Sept. 23'

4500 steps ≈

March 24'

5500 steps ≈

Sept. 24'

6500 steps ≈

March 25'

7500 steps ≈

$SWEAT distribution

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$SWEAT unlock



Advertizers: buy SWEAT to access the Sweat Wallet community

Token utility

  • Staking: yield + exclusive on-chain and off-chain rewards
  • Dynamic NFTs
  • Access to better Sweat Wallet features at lower prices (learn about the Sweat Wallet)

Buy & Burn

  • The Sweat Foundation pledges to buy and burn SWEAT on the secondary market.


Smart contract audit complete

$SWEAT is built on NEAR

NEAR is a low-cost, high-speed, eco-friendly blockchain.

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Phase 01

  • Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • Sweat Wallet App
  • SWEAT staking (Grow)
  • MVP: Rewards for staking SWEAT

Q4'22 - Q1'23

Phase 02

  • Sweat Hero NFT game MVP
  • Fiat on-ramp: buy SWEAT and crypto with fiat
  • Adding further rewards for staking
  • Learn and Earn v1 education system
  • Portfolio: multi-token wallet (Near only)


Phase 03

  • Decentralization: governance & voting v1
  • Sweat Hero NFT game
  • Trade crypto (integration of DEX and on-ramp)
  • Multi-token and Multi-chain wallet interface with single balance
  • Inactivity fee
  • Learn and Earn on-chain education


Phase 04

  • Support the creation of an entire economy of movement
  • Movement data analytics
  • New movement Validators e.g. cycling, swimming etc.