The Battle Begins

Claim your free Legs NFT and battle against other players to earn $SWEAT.
Two player battling each other  their NFT legs, diagram

Battle Rules

The number one


Walk every day to earn $SWEAT

The number two


Play Sweat Hero against other users to get extra $SWEAT

The number three


Get a higher score than your opponent to win

How to play

Tap as accurate as you can! Each perfect tap equals the value of your NFT Power.
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Sweat Hero game screens
a hand tapping on a Sweat Hero game screen

Game Parameters

iPhone with Sweat Hero screen

Battle Log

This is where you can manage your battles, see your results, send battles to a different user, or cancel pending battles.

Battle Coins

You are playing with Battle Coins, but you can always convert them back into $SWEAT

NFT Power

Get the best score playing Sweat Hero. You can get up to 200 points (per tap) just by getting perfect accuracy!

Energy Point

Legs get tired from battling! Each battle requires 1 Energy Point. Don't worry - they recharge every 90 minutes.

Common Leg NFT cardRare Leg NFT cardEpic Leg NFT card

Level up your NFT Power

Each Legs NFT is upgradable by playing a certain amount of battles. The more you battle, the more you level up your NFT Power so you are always on the winning side!
NFT Leg Level 1
right pointing double arrow
NFT Leg Level 2
right pointing double arrow
NFT Leg Level 3
greyed out right pointing double arrow
NFT Leg Level Locked

Unlock Arenas

Unlock all Arenas to compete with the best players and earn more $SWEAT.
Rookie Arena
right pointing double arrow
Novice Arena
greyed out right pointing double arrow
Locked Arena


Follow along with our release roadmap.


  • Closed Beta
  • Battles against bots
  • Gameplay improvements


  • Open Beta
  • Friends Battle
  • Battle & Earn

Q3 - Now

  • Arenas
  • Matchmaking
  • Battle with anyone
  • 3 roads gameplay


  • Legs NFT Level Up
  • Dynamic NFTs
  • Perfect Streak

Ready to play?

Get your Sweat Wallet and claim your free Legs NFT to get started. Battle on!