The step battle begins

Play with a Leg NFT against others to earn extra SWEAT
Diagram of two users going against each and one becomes a winner

Battle Rules

Your score is based on your physical steps, and the virtual steps you earn with your Legs NFT in the game.
The number one


Your Physical Steps is the base score for the game

The number two


Play Sweat Hero to top-up with virtual steps.

The number three


Get a higher combined total steps than your opponent to win SWEAT.

Legs NFT details

Each Legs NFT is a unique artwork. Your gameplay skill and the rarity of the NFT determine its attributes.

Physical Steps

Your Physical Steps are the base score for the Battle. It will  reset every 24 hours, so keep walking every day to have a better chance of winning!

Step Boost

This is the maximum amount of Virtual Steps that you top up in each "perfect tap" during gameplay.

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One Battle uses one Energy. Rarer NFTs will have more Energy. Energy recharge over time.

Lean Legs level card (common)Toned Legs level card (rare)Pedal pushers level card (Epic)
Full collection details, Legs level up...
Coming soon



  • Closed Beta
  • Battles against bots
  • Gameplay improvements


  • Open Beta
  • Battle with friends
  • Battle & earn


  • Legs NFT level up
  • Arenas
  • Matchmaking
  • Battle with anyone


  • Legs Box seasons
  • Dynamic NFTs
  • Perfect streak
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